Safety First

Marsden Services Safety 360 - Live Safe Work Safe

Safety Mission Statement

Our people are our most important resource and ensuring their safety is our primary responsibility.

We are committed to ensuring our clients and our associates are provided a safe and healthy work environment where safe behavior is recognized and rewarded and unsafe behavior is identified and eliminated.

Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

As part of the Marsden Enterprise, Sunstate Mechanical Services’ Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) policy forms the basis of and serves as our commitment to a culture of continuous improvement. The scope of this policy encompasses all employees. Management is responsible for establishing and implementing this policy.

Our purpose is to bring building maintenance services to our clients and create healthy, clean and safe environments that significantly improve their work environments. Excellence in this area is a non-negotiable, core enterprise value. Therefore, our people are our most important resource and ensuring their health and safety, and that of our clients and visitors, in the buildings we service is our first responsibility.

We will focus our EHS efforts in the following areas.


We are committed to actively seeking the participation of all our employees in our EHS efforts by encouraging their involvement in recognizing and rewarding safe behaviors and identifying and eliminating unsafe behaviors and conditions.

To accomplish this mission, our associates shall be trained from the date of hire and throughout their tenure that they are obligated to:

  • Work safely
  • Identify, correct if able, and report unsafe acts and unsafe conditions
  • Accept personal responsibility for their safety as well as the safety of others

Personal Responsibility and Accountability

Through our safety culture we set the expectation that every employee takes personal responsibility for their own safety as well as the safety of their coworkers and visitors in the buildings we service. We hope to instill personal accountability, so each employee thinks about safety and incorporates it into all aspects of their life. Our ultimate goal for our Safety 360 Program is zero incidents and zero injuries (Work Safe Live Safe).


Our executive and management teams will lead the way by establishing accountability to ensure continuous, measurable improvements and a proactive approach to incident prevention.

In support of this policy, we are committed to high EHS performance standards. Our success will be judged in achieving the following objectives:

  • Ensure compliance with applicable EHS laws in all states and communities that we serve.
  • Actively seeking and acting upon meaningful opportunities to reduce risk and improve our EHS performance.
  • Using environmentally preferable products whenever possible.
  • Select suppliers with consideration of their ability to provide safe and environmentally preferable products, where feasible.
  • Educate, train and motivate Sunstate associates to work and live in a safe, environmentally responsible manner.
  • Foster openness and discussion on EHS matters with our stakeholders, both internal and external; communicating risk, performance and progress.

Suppliers, Service Providers and Clients

We will partner with our suppliers, service providers and clients to promote the safe, compliant and sustainable use of our services.
This policy is supported by our Enterprise EHS Framework and is considered the individual and collective responsibility of all employees.

We're a Marsden Company!

Marsden Services is a full spectrum facility services provider, offering janitorial, security, building maintenance, and specialty property services throughout the United States.Sunstate Mechanical is a Marsden Services company. Marsden is a full spectrum facility services provider, offering janitorial, security, building maintenance, and specialty property services throughout the United States. Through Sunstate Mechanical's combined national support and local operations, we provide our clients with the strength of a large corporation with the individualized care of a small business.

National Scope

Marsden is one of the largest privately owned facility service providers in the United States. Marsden has over 50 offices throughout the United States and employs more than 10k people. Marsden has thousands of clients across the country and services over 300M square feet every day.

Local Dedication

Despite Marsden's national scope, Marsden focuses on the local markets in which it has acquisitions and office locations. Each office is invested in its community and local clients, providing personalized service. Like a small, local company, the regional offices make decisions on all aspects of their service operations and are empowered to manage their teams and respond to all client needs and requests.

Enterprise Resources

Marsden's local operating companies have the benefit of leveraging Marsden’s resources as a large organization – including staff, technology, equipment, supplies, information, industry experts, and financial support.