Marsden CleanAir – Powered by PuriFi

  • Sunstate offers the Marsden CleanAir system, powered by PuriFi Labs. This system uses a patented technology to safely eliminate up to 99.994% of tested viruses, allergens, odors, and bacteria in occupied environments, including viruses that cause infectious diseases.*

    The CleanAir system uses a revolutionary process of Bi-Polar Cold Plasma Ionization. The exclusive wave pattern technology creates high-energy, long-life ions which deactivate and remove particles from the air. The CleanAir generator is installed in your existing HVAC system and the CleanAir monitoring system monitors indoor air quality every 90 seconds. When particle levels are too high, the monitoring system automatically activates a response to begin sending natural oxygen ions through all of your air ducts, which cleans your air in minutes. The powerful ions attack air and surface contaminants while driving particles out of the air and neutralizing odors.*

    *To view test reports on specific contaminants and performance levels of PuriFi, please visit:

  • How it works: Marsden CleanAir – Powered by PuriFi (PDF 1.88 MB)